Thursday, March 25, 2010

back with no content

hello cinta sy x? haha
lama gilo x bukak blog.
kan dah penuh spider web dan habuk habuk hitam.
ms sign-in td dah terbatuk pastu terpaksa mkn ubat cecair wrna hitam -___-"
patu mngntuk patu ttdoq patu xbgn. haha dakdak.

lpas ni akn aktif balik mengupdate blog, insyaAllah.
kalo ada bnd yg pnting sy update, kalo bnd x penting pon sy update.
contohnya "hai sy nk pergi buat istana pasir sekarang.bye" pastu lebih empat
ribu org akn komen tntang post 'hai sy nk buat istana pasir'.haha bongek.
dan juga bila oden balik PLKN, dia akn habiskan satu hari untk bc isian blog sy.

prasaan xsuka bertukar mnjdi suka dkt miley cyrus sbb watak dia sbgi ronnie dlm novel 'the last song' sgt bes. can't wait for the movie.

Friday, March 12, 2010


kembali.minggu ni derek terjatuh.mintak mintak hr hr akn dtg aku bgn dgn jayanya balik.

makin ok.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


(click the picture to enlarge)

pls dont be suprised if after this i turn out to be all lovey dovey.

hahah :)) most of them are The Shakespeare's

listening to mushy love songs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Taylor!

I was lookingfor Today Was A Fairytale FULL song in youtube (sang by Taylor Swift)
While i ws looking for it, i found this ,

Seriously, they have such a great voice. I love their voice. So smoothing and luscious wahaha.
Ehem, and this one is the real one. Finally! i found the FULL song. I've been looking for it like ages. I'm so in love with ths song. Toodles~