Thursday, May 27, 2010

KMPP-Kualiti Mesra dan Progresif!

Well halluuuuuuu!! Dah lm x update blog. Let me tell u about my life as KMPP student. I have to wake up at 5 or 6 a.m in the morning sbb nk dptkan bilik mandi. Klas start pukul 8 a.m and as usual kna tnggu Emma at 7.30 a.m dkt pondok dpn blok A5 Kompel Sri Kenanga ??? Perjalanan ke lecture hall mngambil masa selama 5-10 minit KOT. So, sapa nk kurus mailaa sini.. HAHA.

Roomate? Awesome! Kak Odah from Selangor, Kak Nisa from Tapah n Sarah from Terengganu. Kaki stdy. Tidur lmbt tp bgn awal semata mata nk study. Manakala saya?? Set alarm guna 2 handphone pon x bgn jugak -_- mcm mn ni?? Nampak sgt kuat tidur :D

How about study? Seriously, dkt lecture hall, kna fokus btol btol!! Kalo telelap sikit, mmg banyak la yg akn rugi. Tp kdng kdng kalo fokus pon x paham sgt sbb laju. So dkt matrik, u have to run instead of walking..

Praktikum!! Yeaa.. I'm from Prak F5P2. Besttt.. Ramai bdk Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedahhh! Sometimes kwn kwn Ganu ngn Kelate ckp x boleh paham sgt tp tetap best. We are all bestfriends..

Until then, toodles~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here I Come!

So.. I've made my decision tht i'm going to KMPP.. Goodbye Jitra.. HAHA! It's not like i have to leave Jitra FOREVER! Well, I also got another offer which is UiTM Arau in Dip. Civil Engineering, but i don't have any interest to further my study there. Not at all. I tell u, NOT AT ALL because it's Diploma and it's gonna take time fr me to finish my study. That's all fr my update this time. Toodles~