Saturday, February 19, 2011

English Week

I'm back to update my blog. A few days ago, my college organised an English Week. There're so many activities being held. Animal Exhibition, KMPP idol, and the one that i've joined was CHOIR COMPETITION!!!! *silence* And tell u wat, my practicumates asked me to be the CONDUCTOR! Not the one who asked u for the money right after u entered a bus, and u will pay double for ur friends sitting at the back waving towards u. Haha not that one okkkaiiii? I had to emmm like move my hands along with the melody and each choir teams only relied on my hands to make their singing perfect. Except for the part using stick and wearing white gloves. Although we didnt win but we felt very great afterall. For having the experience, practiced untill late at night, being mad for those who texting while i was conducting in front with serious face (i hope they dont hate me :P) Oh yeah, for English Week closing night, we had Aizat Amdan! He was totally awesome! All the girls were going crazy and histerically enchanting his name. Haha. So there i have the pictures of our choir team. See what my team wore. A white t-shirt inside with long cardigan. while me, just a plain shirt with light pink cardigan.Enjoyy.