Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Call USM My Baby!

Hello there! How are you today? Is everything fine? Yes? Okay good :D It's been a while baby!. I don't know why I don't enjoy blogging anymore, maybe because I'm too busy with tutorials, assignments, classes and etc. Currently, I'm studying in USM. I'm taking Bachelor in Chemical Sciences and it's easy to tell people that but what's really behind this course, you will never know until you face it youself. Ngaaaa!! There are a handful of days that I can barely sit and rest. However, this is the path I've choosen and I should take that positively. Gonna try my best and achieve good results. Ultimately, I want to succeed in my life and make both my parents proud of me. InsyaAllah :) What about friends and roommate ? They are cooliosss! I'm tempted to say this. Hehehe. The environment here is calming with wonderful pleasant atmosphere. Emmm~~ I have to admit that it's quite tiring that you have to walk and take 3-4 buses a day. After all, this is what we define a university life right and we must enjoy every tiny tiny bit of it. Be independent and try to discipline ourselves. Note to self :')Wish for the best okay?! Toodles~