Saturday, October 30, 2010

Going HAHA

Let the pictures tell u the story..

Ok fine! Meh nak critaaa. Ini lah Cik Rabunci Laguna Ana Qistinaa. Seperti biasa, jaguh F1 ini lah yg menjadi drebar. Thanks to Qistimbo Jimbo!

Nampak takss tuuu? Gurunnn! Kami otw ke Sungai Petaniiiii smbil menari nari tanggo di dlm keretaaa!

OK ini apa masalahh? BYE.

Cik Nana Kembojaaaaa posingg ala ala Naomii Banks.

Menampilkan Safura dan Habibah. Ok dak tipu. Syazlina dan Zurina. OK dak jugak. Nana dan Mucidaaaa.

Terlalu lapar smpai suruh tngkap gmbr makanan yg bakal dimakan sbgai tanda kenang kenangan. Sweet kan hbungan pemangsa dan mangsa ni?

Ok bye.

Mengharap keajaiban berlaku. Mungkin Salman Khan dtg memakai bju Ninja Turtlee? Mungkinn. Owhh. Btww. Kami di Central Square kot.

Sesudah makan, kami beransur pulang. Hujan lebattt..

Pergi karaoke kejap.. Nyanyi lagu ABC dan trus beransur pulang.

Sekarang sy sdang mengalami pening kpala yg ketara. Soo toodlesss!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

finally say "HOORAYYY"

Well hello hellooooo!!
Currently at home and i am sooo happyy!!!!
Beholddd with my interestingness!

Umm.We just finished our PSPM which to make it simple, our final exam. Umm, just a summary about my exam. Chemistry Paper 1 and 2 were quite OK but i don't want to be that sure, so wait for the results. Mathematics Paper 1 was OK too but Paper 2 was quite hard. Wish for the best *hoping* What about Physics?! It's like MO-FO.. Ok enough with PSPM.

I was thinking what should i do for about 1 week and how many days i dont know. Our semester break is not even TWO WEEKS!! It's like one week something and I WANT MOREEEEE!! *laments+emo*


#1 Facial! Bcos my face is getting darker since i have to walk under the sun

#2 Hanging out and Shopping! It's been zillion years i did not shopping. And
as usual, Nana Qis and Mucida are my shopping buddy of all time *hugs*

3# Going to KL. I'm not quite sure about this yet bcos my house is currently
doing renovation and i have to help clean up those mess. Sorry Kylaaa. Tell
u lettaaaa!

4# Movie marathonnnnnnn! Korean Dramas marathon! I love thissss <3


that's all. Will keep updating! So longggggg~~

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've finished packing up my things, tomorrow..well technically today, i'll be going back to KMPP. I wish i could stay longer at home. I need some more time, to peace up my mind. I still dont get it, why cant i adapt with my new life, ezalehhhh (easily) *emo*. Everything seems so hard for me. I do have cool friends, nice environment. Yes i do.. But there is something that i need more. Something that could please me. I remember, on the 1st day i came to this college, i asked my friend "don't u feel homesick?," She answered "not rlly?," Then i asked her what makes her so 'cool' . She said, the place is still new for her, there are many things to be discovered.. you will never love something if u don't know it.. I asked her again, what can i do to make myself feel happy living here. She told me to find or create something that can entertain myself. I was wondering, does she have a concrete heart or something? She's being optimistic. I've tried but it failed. HAHA. It only lasted for 2 minutes then i felt down again. Downnnn to the earth coreeeee.. *emo again* Wakaka..Well, whether i want it or not, i still have to go back there. I have to keep trying, this is only the beginning, there are much more to come.. Keep learning how to handle myself andto fit in. It's not just about me, but it's about my parents' hope. (OPTIMIST! AND I WISH IT LAST FOREVER!!MUEHEHE) Thats all for today, i will look forward to 'hapdet' my blog more frequently. haha..I could care less that there are not so many people reading my blog, but i know some might will. Moreover, i think this is the way i can express wat i'm feeling inside, mybe not the best but naaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, at least! So see ya.toodlessss~

(the pictures below have nothing to do with this post)

i'm actually texting with my actual boyfriend agaga WAT THE FLOWER (-_-)???

If u see this girl making this kind of face, give her foodS! She's hungreyhhh! (british slang)

She's already full. Cheeseeeeeeee HAHA.

OK SERIOUSLYY..bye byeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hari Koko

Yesterday i went to 'HARI KOKO' that was held at SMJ.
I met some old friends. They looked different,
more matured, beautiful wuuuuu i loikeeee :))
Here are some random pictures that i have taken.

So bubyeeeeee!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

KMPP-Kualiti Mesra dan Progresif!

Well halluuuuuuu!! Dah lm x update blog. Let me tell u about my life as KMPP student. I have to wake up at 5 or 6 a.m in the morning sbb nk dptkan bilik mandi. Klas start pukul 8 a.m and as usual kna tnggu Emma at 7.30 a.m dkt pondok dpn blok A5 Kompel Sri Kenanga ??? Perjalanan ke lecture hall mngambil masa selama 5-10 minit KOT. So, sapa nk kurus mailaa sini.. HAHA.

Roomate? Awesome! Kak Odah from Selangor, Kak Nisa from Tapah n Sarah from Terengganu. Kaki stdy. Tidur lmbt tp bgn awal semata mata nk study. Manakala saya?? Set alarm guna 2 handphone pon x bgn jugak -_- mcm mn ni?? Nampak sgt kuat tidur :D

How about study? Seriously, dkt lecture hall, kna fokus btol btol!! Kalo telelap sikit, mmg banyak la yg akn rugi. Tp kdng kdng kalo fokus pon x paham sgt sbb laju. So dkt matrik, u have to run instead of walking..

Praktikum!! Yeaa.. I'm from Prak F5P2. Besttt.. Ramai bdk Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedahhh! Sometimes kwn kwn Ganu ngn Kelate ckp x boleh paham sgt tp tetap best. We are all bestfriends..

Until then, toodles~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here I Come!

So.. I've made my decision tht i'm going to KMPP.. Goodbye Jitra.. HAHA! It's not like i have to leave Jitra FOREVER! Well, I also got another offer which is UiTM Arau in Dip. Civil Engineering, but i don't have any interest to further my study there. Not at all. I tell u, NOT AT ALL because it's Diploma and it's gonna take time fr me to finish my study. That's all fr my update this time. Toodles~

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sekarang ni ada kat rumah fadh.
Belum mandi, panas urgh. haha.
Tgh msj dgn Along dan si onichannya guna number Maxis.
Number Celcom kredit dah nk habis dan blum dpt cara nk topup.
Handphone pon dah rosak dan ada ura ura bakal mati xlama lagi.

Tolong la bantu sy cari cara untk pujuk mama beli hp baru.
Ahh..mengantuk gila.
Ok nk p mandi bye.

Cmni la jd bila bosan + mengantuk + monkey x bls msj.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Finally, i've got my 'P' license.
Alhamdulillah ! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ada byk aktiviti yg telah dilakukan sepanjang minggu, minggu lpas dan lain lain hari. Tapi setiap kali bniat nk update blog, mesti x jadi. Xdak mood. rasa malas. Rasa mcm nk buang ja blog ni. Hahaha. Teringin nk update pasal aktiviti dgn kwn kwn, dgn 'dia', tp xkesampaian. Masih di tahap kemalasan yg hampir ke puncak gunung berapi yg akn mengeluarkan apinya. Haha. Oh ya lesen. Lambat dpt. Tu dsbbkan QTI dah failed 41 kali. Sekarang ni tgh tnggu JPJ pulak. Wlaupun dah byk kali bwk kereta, sy masih takut. X yakin. Smua ni gara gara sy failed QTI 56 kali dah. Jd ketar, teringat pengalaman pertama ambik QTI, xleh tido, resah bila pikir, mcm nk nangeh, even ms ambik result SPM xla rasa se-awful nk ambik QTI/JPJ. FAILED. Word kejam gila. Benci *smbil tendang meja.

lapar trok.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

back with no content

hello cinta sy x? haha
lama gilo x bukak blog.
kan dah penuh spider web dan habuk habuk hitam.
ms sign-in td dah terbatuk pastu terpaksa mkn ubat cecair wrna hitam -___-"
patu mngntuk patu ttdoq patu xbgn. haha dakdak.

lpas ni akn aktif balik mengupdate blog, insyaAllah.
kalo ada bnd yg pnting sy update, kalo bnd x penting pon sy update.
contohnya "hai sy nk pergi buat istana pasir sekarang.bye" pastu lebih empat
ribu org akn komen tntang post 'hai sy nk buat istana pasir'.haha bongek.
dan juga bila oden balik PLKN, dia akn habiskan satu hari untk bc isian blog sy.

prasaan xsuka bertukar mnjdi suka dkt miley cyrus sbb watak dia sbgi ronnie dlm novel 'the last song' sgt bes. can't wait for the movie.

Friday, March 12, 2010


kembali.minggu ni derek terjatuh.mintak mintak hr hr akn dtg aku bgn dgn jayanya balik.

makin ok.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


(click the picture to enlarge)

pls dont be suprised if after this i turn out to be all lovey dovey.

hahah :)) most of them are The Shakespeare's

listening to mushy love songs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Taylor!

I was lookingfor Today Was A Fairytale FULL song in youtube (sang by Taylor Swift)
While i ws looking for it, i found this ,

Seriously, they have such a great voice. I love their voice. So smoothing and luscious wahaha.
Ehem, and this one is the real one. Finally! i found the FULL song. I've been looking for it like ages. I'm so in love with ths song. Toodles~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Mama's Birthday!

This post is dedicated to my mom.
She has been such a great mum from the beginning until now and forever.
She stands for watever it takes just to be a great mum and a wife.
She always be there for me whenever i have problems.
She always give me advises whenever i need them.
She stays right beside me whenever i talked about my love life and friends.
She's the one that always give me money whenever i asked for them. HAHA.
ok dah.nnt aku nangis.

I wished to you this warm wishes,that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness you have always given me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!

i wish u...
*happy always
*panjang umur
*sihat selalu
*awet muda
*sntiasa tahan dgn budak nm firah tuh
*diredhai Allah sepanjang hayat
*setiap kebaikan yg perlu ada dlm diri seorng Muslimah dan Hamba Allah


peace no war . *haha ttba

Thursday, February 18, 2010


She feels lost.
She's got no idea how to make her life worth.
She's got no idea how to be happy.
She's got no idea how to make people around her satified.
She's dumb.

She feels stupid.
She's got no idea how to face problems.
She's got no idea how to be strong.
She's got no idea how to solve them.
She's useless.

She feels sad.
She's got no idea how to be visible.
She's got no idea how to be a nice person.
She's got no idea how to stand up.
She's loser.

Now, she needs time. To gather all her strength. To stand up. To deal with sticky situations. She will never give up.

Health Care

.i've been stuffing myself with these things.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


i still don't get it why r they wasting SPENDing their time talking shits about me behind my back
big SIGH

Friday, February 12, 2010

슈퍼주니어 & 소녀시대 - 서울


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Satu hari di rumah Qistina

For the second time, i've got a pass to spend a night at Qistina's house.
Haha,buat mcm pergi Disneyland Hong Kong.
Eh tp best what! ingat senang ka nk dpt peluang PERGI TIDUR RUMAH QISTINA!
rumah dia ad jacuzzi dan private swimming pool ok! (tiputipu)

Tgh hari semalam, Me,Qis,Mucida,Nana n Hayati (bru knal dia ni.seorang yg cntik dan putih melepak,kalo tampaq msti pipi jd merah mcm pkai blusher) pergi ke BSN untk beli nombor id sbb nk apply untk jd ckgu.(selagi boleh ambik..just ambik! future tu)
Jalan terkedek kedek dgn pakai payung sbb matahari terik sgt, tp mcm mn pon kaki mcm dah hitam 0_0

Balik tuh singgah Nash Donut dan CC. Sbb semua mcm curious gla nk tgk satu video yg SANGAT penting, 'The Arrivals' dlm youtube.
Xpa kot noh promote, demi kita sama sama umat Islam.Kalo teringin, tgk la.
Ni bukan lagha.

Pada ptg nya pulak, Qistina nk test drive (whaha guna nm Qis)
Ok fine! SAYA dan QIS nk test drive kreta kancil milik Qis.
Nana dan selebihnya yg duk kat blakang hya mampu berdoa. HAHA!
Ad jugak insiden yg menakutkan sperti enjin mati, pusing stereng tlebih dan mula la semuanya pakat jerit jerit. cuak gila.
Sy dah msuk kelas 4 jam, tp still bwk mcm penyu, sedih tau dak???
Mcm mn nk ambik JPJ test :(
Ad sesapa yg teringin nk naik dgn sy sementara xdpt lesen lg ni? (smbil kelip kelip mata)

Pd malamnya, kami semua pakat tgk cita korea.
Best oo buat aktiviti bsama sama! cuma ad sorang tuh dia mrajuk lalalala.
Kami tidur lewat terok sbb masing masing suka bsembang.bergosip.berdakwah ehem.
Cuba teka sapa bgn plg lewat.xmau hbaq,malu kat org. ms smua org duk kat dapuq tgh masak, dia duk lekat lg kat katil.
Tgh hr td lpas zohor sy pulang ke rumah dan smbung tdur yey!
zzzzzzz papai!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sekarang ni, semua org pakat pakat duk main farmville.
At first, x suka gila game ni. lambat mcm kura.
Pastu dgr bunyi kambing dgn lembu yg irritating tuh.
Lama lama syok jugak lah.
Tp bg aku, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) tetap no.1
*tgh buat kuat hee :D

p/s;baru level 9. i only have 13 coins.anybody, pls tlg fertilize-kan plants dkat farm saya. hee :D i need some helping hands


sbelum ni layout semak sgt lah.sakit mata tgk.
apakata jadikan blog ni nmpk suci, sesuci tuan blog ni.
HAHAHAHA! tskk -_____-"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cerita lama

Kalau Udin minat Justin Timberlake, aku nak jugak!
Kalau Syifa suka Samantha Boscarino, aku tringin jugak!
Kalau Justin Bieber minat erkk.ok dah.itu lain cerita.

Aku nk cerita psl cinta pandang pertama aku terhadap seorang PEREMPUAN.
jengjengjeng! Ketaq abeh semua. Rileks.Jgn risau, aku straight, xda kona kona.
Maksud aku, aku suka tgk dia ni. Nmpk adorable gila!

Pertama kali aku tgk dia dlm video clip Michael Buble-Havent Met You Yet tuh,
aku terus terpegun. Aku bermonolog dlm hati "waaa.cntik gila.body cntik siot!"
Lps tu, aku search dlm internet, sj nk tau nm apa. Then, aku dpt tau nm dia Luisana Lopilato.
Rasa mcm kenai (bukan kenal kononnya dia la kwn childhood aku ms kecik dulu yg terpisah sbb dia balik Argentina untk jd pemain bola sepak terhandal -_____-")
Mksud aku, nm dia sgt familiar. Then aku mencari dan terus mencari tiba tiba tup!!

Masih x paham? Haha. dia la yg belakon dlm cerita Chiquititas. Cerita ni pernah tayang dekat Astro Ceria ms aku umur 14/15 tahun, xingat. Tp rs mcm lwk gila. Dulu cita ni jd feveret aku. Xleh miss lnsung wlaupun satu episod dan cerita ni ad byk lagu dan semua lagu tuh aku hafal -_____-"
Jadi, aku xleh la panggil dia ni cinta pandang pertama aku sbb aku pnah tgk dia dulu tp x minat pon.lalala. Mungkin dia x cukup 'menarik' ms dulu. LALALA (dgn nada yg lebih keras). Kalau watak lelaki, aku suka Bautista yg sdang berdiri paling kanan dan sedang senyum kononnya happy padahal baru kena pulaih telinga dgn mak dia.Muka dia merah tu! Kesian.
Watak perempuan plak, aku x suka sorang pon sbb bg aku, aku la yg paling layak belakon di samping Bautista kacak si mata cantik tu :D

dlm video ni, luisana sangatlah cntik (smbil mata ad kluar lambang love love mcm dlm ym).tolong tgk video yg bawah ni.TOLONGGG!

haha.boleh gelak. tgk tuh ha, berlari lari mencapai sang kekasih (bautista). Mata bertentang mata. HAHAHAHA! Ni adalah antara lagu yg ad dlm cerita Chiquititas. Poyo plak tgk. poyo ni lah yg jd feveret aku smpaikan aku rekod cita ni then mlm mlm ms semua org dah tido,aku psg balik dan hafal.ceh.hingusan btoi. dah besar ek luisana tuh, jd tunangan org dah pon. bangga betol (nada mak mak) tp dia cntik skang ni! ok lah.tu saja hee bye!

p/s; bila pergi sekolah dan cuba nk sembang psl cita ni, smua kwn aku buat xtau dan aku xpasti kenapa (-_-)????? mata Bautista cantik gila kan!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Friday, January 15, 2010


Boringgg coz i do nothing

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh *big grin

no.i'm a mess.

i dunno.mybe.daaaaaa

haha noooo

not really. sometimes i eat veggies but sometimes not.depend..

yesterday i kissed my sister.and she screamed like a wimp got chased by a i that awful?

yes. but usually i will ask my friend bout it

i'm a daughter -___-"

i don't have any pets



no..i sleep with my pilloww


yessssss.n i loveeeeeeeeeee that person



yesss.but i never understand what does love mean? ngahaaaaaaa

i don't know.mybe.


no.i like everybodyy





no.i'm malaysian and proud to be.


bush likes me

i dunno..i'm not into this kind of things

happier than ever.haha tsk

yes my result.grrrrr

no! i'm going to eatt

no.whats that?

both not

in my house..playing with dolphins.


paramore-brick by boring brick

the's a great movieee


not rlly.i'm a cheerful person

55 mybe


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my dream

indah hill


yes.but i hate it.haha

yesss.i love news

yes.on the internet

no..i'm not gonna believe it until i see it myself



i'm not sure yettt

last yearrr

No.i don't like football.


Awesome,creative,fun and everything in my praises dictionary!

No.and i've never been to that site.but i'm gonna check it out.

Not really.

No because i never watch it..and not feeling to watch it..or tend to watch it..hee :)

Yesss!! Oprah is great!

Everybody wants to get married but ummm..not now..mybe 7 years from now.

I have tons of it...

Not really. i'm not an animal lover..

Absolutely! i already watched it like million times!

Wahahaha! big YESSSS! Especially Joe..i think Nick is cuter than Joe. But Joe is the cutest.this is dilemma -_____-"


Yesssssssss! Tv is my bestfriend.after internet.after nana qis mucida ameng jid udin jehan zaki ahh watever...'t ask's kind of insulting.haha !