About Me

Hello readers! Do you know that I am a human actually? Ok, good. I don't need those allusions to introduce myself. Let's just go straight to the point ok? Well, you can call me Firah or whatever nice-hearing-name, I don't mind as long as I don't feel irritated with the names.. Alright?  I just finished my matriculation program and now I'm waiting for the results to come out. My heart is throbbing so fast OMG.. This blog is a place where I can SHARE stories and opinions about life. If there's something that you guys feel offended with, I would like to apologize because it is never my intention to hurt anyone's feeling. I write blog for fun, and making people hurt is no fun! PEACE NO WAR :D So there, through my writings, you can simply know how I act in real life. No faking. But as the saying says "don't judge a book by its cover" As a conclusion, if you wanna know me well, come lets have a chat at any coffee shops heee :D I don't eat people, I only eat chicken. And don't worry, I don't do blog about my unsatisfaction towards people because I just don't wanna cause any scene. SO LET'S BE HAPPPYYYY!!! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!