Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've finished packing up my things, tomorrow..well technically today, i'll be going back to KMPP. I wish i could stay longer at home. I need some more time, to peace up my mind. I still dont get it, why cant i adapt with my new life, ezalehhhh (easily) *emo*. Everything seems so hard for me. I do have cool friends, nice environment. Yes i do.. But there is something that i need more. Something that could please me. I remember, on the 1st day i came to this college, i asked my friend "don't u feel homesick?," She answered "not rlly?," Then i asked her what makes her so 'cool' . She said, the place is still new for her, there are many things to be discovered.. you will never love something if u don't know it.. I asked her again, what can i do to make myself feel happy living here. She told me to find or create something that can entertain myself. I was wondering, does she have a concrete heart or something? She's being optimistic. I've tried but it failed. HAHA. It only lasted for 2 minutes then i felt down again. Downnnn to the earth coreeeee.. *emo again* Wakaka..Well, whether i want it or not, i still have to go back there. I have to keep trying, this is only the beginning, there are much more to come.. Keep learning how to handle myself andto fit in. It's not just about me, but it's about my parents' hope. (OPTIMIST! AND I WISH IT LAST FOREVER!!MUEHEHE) Thats all for today, i will look forward to 'hapdet' my blog more frequently. haha..I could care less that there are not so many people reading my blog, but i know some might will. Moreover, i think this is the way i can express wat i'm feeling inside, mybe not the best but naaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, at least! So see ya.toodlessss~

(the pictures below have nothing to do with this post)

i'm actually texting with my actual boyfriend agaga WAT THE FLOWER (-_-)???

If u see this girl making this kind of face, give her foodS! She's hungreyhhh! (british slang)

She's already full. Cheeseeeeeeee HAHA.

OK SERIOUSLYY..bye byeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hari Koko

Yesterday i went to 'HARI KOKO' that was held at SMJ.
I met some old friends. They looked different,
more matured, beautiful wuuuuu i loikeeee :))
Here are some random pictures that i have taken.

So bubyeeeeee!