Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I envy those who have relationship filled with trust and securities. Something that I hardly get..

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I really want to update my blog as frequent as possible but I'm too occupied with my daily schedule even though I am currently unemployed. Maybe we'll talk about this next time but don't worry, I'm happy with it for now because I actually have other commitments that require my 100% focus.

(1 hour later..After figuring out what to write next..)

Mi Amor Kanye iz not imprezzzz, he's giving me that 'Really Nigga??' look coz I took too long to write this. I'm so skerd... Welp...Me..

Three years majoring in Chemistry makes my brain becomes rusty. I don't even know how to write a long essay anymore. Yes we were given a lot of assignments that required us to explain this and that but we didn't have to do a long cheesy introduction involving pretty ambiance in the morning where the sun shines and birds chirping. All that we had to do was just give one solid answer for that question and explain why in the world we choose that answer in 500 words using every possible sciences terms that ever existed in the entire sciences dictionary. Rusting is sciences too. Hence, the condition of my brain. If you want me to write a biography about a pencil, my 4 year old niece might be able to write it better than me. Ahaaaa pfffttt just kidding, she can't even pronounce pencil properly. I'm exaggerating but you get the idea.

I should start reading something to polish back this tiny area inside my brain that keeps all my writing skill. I'm sure it's pretty dusty. Till next time! Toodles!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ntah apa apa

17 days until Final Exam. I'm freaking out! tu. Em, okay  ja. Hehehe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

After 3 years!!

Hello whoaaaaa!! When was my last post exactly? It was in 2011 and now it's already 2014. About 3 years ago. I didn't even realize that! It feels like just yesterday I stopped blogging and today I'm starting to write back. Time does move so fast!

I actually have another blog which I thought I wanted to start anew with. I'm 21 years old now *cough* , fine 22! So, I want the contents to be something more mature. I can't even read back what I've written in the past on this blog. They make me want to cut myself. I was like, "Really? This was me back then! My gosh!! *placing knife on my wrist*". My writing and English were super duper trashy and still are. Look at the title for my previous post, "Call USM My Baby"?? So creative Firah -_-. Couldn't get any worse. The annoying part is, I was so gedik, I CAN'T EVEN STAND MYSELF. Maybe I still am but whatever, I can't stand it so please lah help me to get rid of it! No no no, just kidding. Don't do that! This blog is my life! Huuuuu *cries* T_T. (Confused woman).

To think back about it, I grew up with this blog. I nearly deleted this blog because I was so annoyed with my own writing, but thank God I didn't. Now when I read them all back, I ew-ed to myself (of course, who doesn't right?) followed by a smile carved on my face without realizing it. Dang! I was funny, annoying and all but it was just a process of me growing up. I think I'm still that cheeky, vivacious, witty and silly girl who I used to be. We'll see how my future post will be like. Maybe I'll post something about beauty, fashion, education, work etc. (WHAT? I AM SERIOUS I'M NOT KIDDING. DON'T TRY ME PFFT). Fashion? Work? Really? Hahahahaha. So much of growing up haaaa? (Imagine Iggy Azalea saying this)

I started blogging since I was like, um 15 I think? But I deleted those posts and regretted it! Ish silly me! I won't do that again, no matter how ridiculous my writings are going to sound like. Maybe one day my kids will read my blog and acknowledge their mom's shagginess swagginess when she was a teenager! #mymomismyidol #proudkids #dadpleasegoaway . They might continue the legacy of this blog, who knows right? Hahaha. Firah of The Future, that's the drama that I'll be playing soon.

I guess that's all. Ahh finally after three years, I managed to write up until the conclusion yayyyyy!!! *throws confettis*. So, see ya wanna be ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: To English pros and grammar nazis out there, I'm so sorry for my trashy English then, now and in the future. Life is a learning process. Please don't be annoyed. Hehehe. About my blog layout, I'm to lazy to change it. I'm going to leave it like that for the time being.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Call USM My Baby!

Hello there! How are you today? Is everything fine? Yes? Okay good :D It's been a while baby!. I don't know why I don't enjoy blogging anymore, maybe because I'm too busy with tutorials, assignments, classes and etc. Currently, I'm studying in USM. I'm taking Bachelor in Chemical Sciences and it's easy to tell people that but what's really behind this course, you will never know until you face it youself. Ngaaaa!! There are a handful of days that I can barely sit and rest. However, this is the path I've choosen and I should take that positively. Gonna try my best and achieve good results. Ultimately, I want to succeed in my life and make both my parents proud of me. InsyaAllah :) What about friends and roommate ? They are cooliosss! I'm tempted to say this. Hehehe. The environment here is calming with wonderful pleasant atmosphere. Emmm~~ I have to admit that it's quite tiring that you have to walk and take 3-4 buses a day. After all, this is what we define a university life right and we must enjoy every tiny tiny bit of it. Be independent and try to discipline ourselves. Note to self :')Wish for the best okay?! Toodles~

Thursday, August 18, 2011



Hey hai, so since I've seen byk tweets from my friends yg dekat twitter selalu tweet psl one creature dgn sekali bite mampu memunahkan hati setiap wanita iaitu Kumbang Rove atau nama glamour-nya (bajet artis kumbang ni) CHARLIE, then I pon came up with this idea nk tulis about MY OWN EXPERIENCE KENA GIGIT CHARLIE. No seriously, TERRIBLE ONE! *bunyi background horror kaca pecah* I don't want to tag along with the picture sebab me and mr charlie dah declare sebagai musuh ketat. Nak tgk rupa charlie, you can simply google it! Ha go!!

For those yg kena dekat tangan, kaki, badan you can still hide it, tapi kalau kena dekat MUKA  nak buat mcm mn? Pergi lecture hall pakai purdah? Terpaksa lah berjalan dpn kawan kawan mungkin rasa malu sikit sbb yeah for sure, diorang akan usha punya. Popular la untuk seminggu because of your so 'pretty' face. That was what happened to me back in the matric. Wanna see the pictures? At first I felt hesistate to put my pictures but things happened and now my face dah back to normal, so I think it's okay lah kan.

Sebelum kena, harikuuuu bahagiaaa ohhhh~~~

Ala sedihnya muka sobsobs, motifnya nk tangkap gmbr Chong dekat belah sana tu! HAHAHA. Muka dah cmni, ada hati nk kat Chong

Makin hari makin heal. Mcm mn nak heal? Consult the doctor n dia akn bagi ubat. Itu sajaaaa *smbil kunyah roti buat muka habis cool*

Sebenarnya ada gmbr yg lebih clear and lebih teruk mungkin, tp kurang sesuai. So nasihat, kalo dah kena charlie bite ni, jgn kacau. Maksudnya jgn main dgn tgn or sentuh. One of the reasons spread muka belah kiri sy ni sbb saya main lah. Cepat cepat mintak ubat dekat doktor. Thats all, till then~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nothing particular


It's been a while and this is the cliche line that I keep using whenever I start writing new post. That's because I only update my blog every once in a while. I hope it's not too late to wish you guys Selamat Berpuasa. During this blissful month, let's motivate ourselves to be someone better. This is a good opportunity so why don't you grab it right? NOTE TO SELF :D

I don't blog much because I'm too busy with my daily activities. Helping mom with the chores,watching TV,sleeping (is this considered as an activity too?!! ),texting heheheee and etc. Well, what's the point of blogging anyways? I DONT FREAKIN' GET IT!!! One question that deserves to be punched right on the medulla oblongata (i don't know why i should relate with this one but I'm sure this is the only thing that I can remember throughout 2 years learning Biology. Zzzz I flunked it zzzzz)

Friend of mine told me that he doesn't have any interests to read my blog because it's written in English. And i sounded a lil bit....matured than I am in real life? Really?! And it makes him yawn few times and click on the 'x' button at the top right of the browser.IMMEDIATELY...WITHOUT HESITATION.........zasssss..*horror tone* Well well how mean is that huh? hahahaha. It depends on my mood actually. If i want it to sound more funny, I'll write in Malay, but if i want it to sound less lame, then I'll write it in English. But it doesn't matter, I'd love to 'rojak' it a bit n maybe it will sound more like me kan? Haha. So okay. Long lame post. Assalamualaikum. Toodles doodles.