Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well guys, since i have chance to update my blog, better i do it right? So what's up? As for me, i'm currently busy studying for my final exam which is PSPM 2. Oh mann. I'm so grown up u know. My matriculation life will come to an end. No more study until late at night, no more lectures, tutorials are all nothing!!! Heaven! but it's too soon to think like that. PSPM is waiting there for me. The most eerie thing to all matric students i suppose! I have to get a good CGPA.. I've spent one year staying here. Learning new things. Met all my friends. Feeling tense in many kind of situations. And now i have to make everything that i've been through, worth it! BLAST RESULTS!!
So i guess that's it. Hoping that u guys will pray for me. N thanks to Danial for lending me his lappy because i have some assignments that need to be completed! *sigh* i hate assignments muahaha. So until then take care. toodlesss. Oh yeahh. i enjoy reading maria elena's blog. sheee's cooliooooo i tell yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!veryyyy cooollllllllllll omaigodddddddddddd! ok bye

p/s: watch thisss videooo, introducing my practicumates with my annoying voice talking like a chipmunk as background sound muahaha