Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I really want to update my blog as frequent as possible but I'm too occupied with my daily schedule even though I am currently unemployed. Maybe we'll talk about this next time but don't worry, I'm happy with it for now because I actually have other commitments that require my 100% focus.

(1 hour later..After figuring out what to write next..)

Mi Amor Kanye iz not imprezzzz, he's giving me that 'Really Nigga??' look coz I took too long to write this. I'm so skerd... Welp...Me..

Three years majoring in Chemistry makes my brain becomes rusty. I don't even know how to write a long essay anymore. Yes we were given a lot of assignments that required us to explain this and that but we didn't have to do a long cheesy introduction involving pretty ambiance in the morning where the sun shines and birds chirping. All that we had to do was just give one solid answer for that question and explain why in the world we choose that answer in 500 words using every possible sciences terms that ever existed in the entire sciences dictionary. Rusting is sciences too. Hence, the condition of my brain. If you want me to write a biography about a pencil, my 4 year old niece might be able to write it better than me. Ahaaaa pfffttt just kidding, she can't even pronounce pencil properly. I'm exaggerating but you get the idea.

I should start reading something to polish back this tiny area inside my brain that keeps all my writing skill. I'm sure it's pretty dusty. Till next time! Toodles!!

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